LUFA agency

Photo and Video Prices

Photo price (w/o VAT)


                Commercial Reporting

Photography for commercial photo reporting, calculation by 1 photographer:

1 Hour: 40 - 50 USD
1 Work Day (up to 6 hours): 140 UAH - 250 USD (depending on complexity)

Corporate Event Shoots: 200 - 270 USD (depending on complexity)

                Archival Photo

for design and publishing purposes, souvenir production etc:

1 Full-size photo: 20 - 50 USD (air photography 50 UAH/photo). This price is equal to the price for the extended stock license.
1 Photo (wide side size 800 px): 10 USD

                Photo Service for Event Press Centers
(for press secretaries, PR experts and other media specialists: please see details under "Services" or contact with us)

1 Work Day (up to 6 hours) of photoeditor: 40 USD
1 Work Day (up to 6 hours) of photographer: 50 UAH - 250 USD (or optionaly 50 USD/hour)

                Product Photography

Prices range from 200 UAH to 250 UAH for a picture of a product, depending on quantity of subjects and complexity. The prices are lower when the number of products is large and a white background is used. Post production is 60 UAH/photo.


                Photos for Media
Ukrainian national newspapers: 200 UAH
Ukrainian national magazines, TV channels: 450 UAH
Regional and low-circulations media: 70 UAH
Online media: the price for 1 photo: 100 UAH
Price for a photo series report for online editions: 300 UAH for up to 5-20 pictures


                Photo Essay with Sound
Photo essay is a slideshow accompanied by sound. View sample here: photo essay.
Photographs and record of surrounding sounds: 650 UAH/hour

Photographs without a sound recording: 450 UAH/hour
Montage: 200 UAH/minute. Average cost of a 5-minute photo essay: 2 500 UAH - 3 800 UAH


                Advertising Photography
Budgets on advertising shooting are calculated on an individual basis. Please contact us.

Video price (w/o VAT)

                Commercial Reporting Video Shoots

This is the price for commercial video reporting by 1 cameraman. Please contact us about cost of production.

1 Hour: 40 - 50 USD

1 Work Day (up to 6 hours): 140 - 250 USD (depending on complexity)

                Mass Media Videos

The cost of shooting of a video depends of complexity of a task and equipment involved.
Please contact us to negotiate the details.

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