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2014-08-19 01:00 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

The main direction of scientific and production activity of the Scientific Research Company «Carat» (SRC «Carat») is experimentations, development of technologies for ...

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


LVIV, Ukraine. August 12, 2014. Ukrainians border guards groups arrived to Lviv after carried out tasks of border protection in east Ukraine during anti-terrorist oper...

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


2014-07-26 11:51 | ... | ... Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. July 26, 2014. In the night from Friday to Saturday, on July 25, at 23.30 on the house on Streletskaya St., 1 where the mayor of Lviv together with a fa...

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LVIV region, Ukraine. On June 20, 2014. Ukrainians border guard groups held competitions of detachment in training center.

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


LVIV, Ukraine. June 15, 2014. Detachments of National Guard of Ukraine came back to permanent locations after performance of tasks in zone anti-terrorist operation.

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


LVIV region, on June 14, 2014. Ukrainians border guard groups came back to training center during rotation process after 3 months carried out tasks of border protectio...

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


2014-06-10 21:00 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. On May 29, 2014 second official spotting took place in Lviv International Airport. Aircraft spotting is the observation and logging of the registrat...