International Jubilee Plast Meeting. 1st Day

2012-08-18 17:40 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine
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Ukrainian Plastun Senior communicate with American scouts during the International Jubilee Plast Meeting  in Lviv, August 18, 2012.. Photo by Petro Zadorozhnyy / LUFA


August 18, 2012 started a registration of participants and guests of the International Jubilee Plast Meeting. IJPM is a result of a year-round celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Plast in Ukraine. 

The 100th anniversary of Plast (Scouting) in Ukraine has been celebrating during the year 2012. All actions organized and conducted by plastuns during this time were devoted to the anniversary of the organization.
Today is a start of the meeting that will last to August, 24 and will finish with common celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Actions began at Lychakiv cemetery with ceremonial consecration of the second part of the monument "For Scouts, that did not break their oath". The program of the day also includes arrival of participants and registration. Plastuny break camp, lay tents, meet friends from all over Ukraine and the world. Concert with the participation of Ukrainian ethnic bands and watching the movie "Silver Land" is the ending of the first day of the Meeting. 
Generally  IJPM unites Ukrainian scouts from ten countries, namely Canada, the U.S., Belgium, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom. Besides Ukrainian scouts Meeting is visited by representatives of Scouting from the U.S., Russia, Moldova and Poland. It is expected about 1500 participants aged under 18 years and about five hundred older than 18 years to visit the Meeting.

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