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LVIV Region, Ukraine. On June 7, 2014.Self-defense of Lviv region organized a crossing to Ukraine protective army helmets and the bullet-proof vests bought abroad. Hel...

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NGO "Chorna Galich" approached us with a proposal to organize information provision and advertising support for the first Ukrainian Open Championship of  His...

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   On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 17:00 will take place the opening of the exhibition "Euro 2012 in photos of LUFA agency» in the fortress gallery "Ba...

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Publication of photos from the Festival of tourism and recreation in the newspaper "ZIK" (№ 38, September 27, 2012)

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We invite you to visit the opening of a photo exhibition "EURO-2012 in the photos of LUFA agency". The opening will take place on Thursday, August 2 at 18:30 in the o...

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Theme collection of fans of their national teams, the match which took place in Lvov, Kiev, Warsaw and Gdansk on June 7, 2012 to the end of the championship.Other gall...


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