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2016-01-06 01:00 | Life | ... Spain

MADRID, Spain. January 5, 2016. People celebrate Three Kings' Day, a traditional Spanish holiday on Plaza de Cibelese, Madrid. The holiday is the culmination of Christ...

Photo by Rostyslav Kovalchuk / LUFA   


2014-04-21 19:17 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. April 21, 2014. Traditional holiday "Wet Monday" – Monday after Easter in accordance with ukrainian national traditions. During this day boys pours ...

Photo by Petro Zadorozhnyy , Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


RAKOVETS, Ukraine. January 19, 2013 about 150 soldiers of the Lviv regiment ukrainian Internal Troops after the morning liturgy bathed in the hole on the feast of Epip...

Photo by Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA