2016-07-30 11:44 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. July 29, 2016.Polish pediatric surgeon Prof. Dariusz Patkowski and Ukrainian children's surgeon Andriy Dvorakevych perform operation by method of low-in...

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LVIV, Ukraine. On September 10 - 14 the 21th Lviv Publishers’ Forum was held. Guests from 25 countries be...


LVIV, Ukraine. 28 May 2015. The Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel is opened  in Lviv. The Consulate will be working in 8 western regions of Ukraine, Oleg ...

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LVIV, Ukraine. 3-7 April 2015. The French musician, researcher and performer baroque music, Jean-Christophe Frisch delivered a lecture on "Wandering Baroque" in the wa...

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2014-07-26 11:51 | ... | ... Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. July 26, 2014. In the night from Friday to Saturday, on July 25, at 23.30 on the house on Streletskaya St., 1 where the mayor of Lviv together with a fa...

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2014-06-10 21:00 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. On May 29, 2014 second official spotting took place in Lviv International Airport. Aircraft spotting is the observation and logging of the registrat...


2014-04-21 19:17 | Life | Lviv - Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine. April 21, 2014. Traditional holiday "Wet Monday" – Monday after Easter in accordance with ukrainian national traditions. During this day boys pours ...

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