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LVIV, Ukraine. On September 10 - 15 the 20th Lviv Publishers’ Forum was held. Guests from 23 countries become members of the Forum. 10 000 new books were presented. Re...


LVIV REGION. August 2-4, 2013 - Ukrainian medieval culture festival "Tu Stan!-2013" near the village Urych (118 km south of western ukrainian city Lviv)

Photo by Marian Striltsiv , Vitaliy Hrabar / LUFA   


TURIN. National Automobile Museum in Turin (northern Italy) was founded in 1939 by Roberto di Biskaretti Rufus and Gloria Cesare Gatti. The idea of ​​the museum w...

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Publication of photos to interviews with Ukrainian writer, musician and artist Yuriy Izdryk in "Krajina" magazine № 27 (178), June 27, 2013.

Photo by Marian Striltsiv / LUFA   


LVIV. May 18-19, 2013 - The first Lviv horse festival «Weekend Horseback» was realized on thehorse-racing base of sports school «Burevestnik». Tournament and Riding Ho...

Photo by Marian Striltsiv / LUFA   


LVIV, UKRAINE. Today in Lviv region as of 14.30 fell 48.3 mm snowfall, which is 89% monthly rate in March. According to forecasters, snow will last all day.


Lviv, February 23, 2013 The Championship of Ukraine's Historical Medieval Battles. Over 90 best fighters from across the Ukraine: from Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetro...