The Ukrainian photo agency LUFA became the partner of the Plast organization

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Celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Plast organization: a billboard on Mazepy Str. in Lviv, on August 16 2012.. Photo by Petro Zadorozhnyy / LUFA


    Ukrainian Photo Agency LUFA became a partner of events carried out by the Plast during the celebration of the 100th anniversary since the date of its creation.
   In models of social advertizing are used photos of LUFA press photographer Petro Zadorozhnyy.
   Photo reports about celebration will be published from August 18 to August 24 on our site.
   To the mass media: You can download for free photos for publications in our site.
If you need more photos for publications or large size  photos, please, contact the agency:

    +38 (067)103 51 93